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Premium Honing Products and Grinding Wheels Producer in China

From our foundation in 1997, Hongtuo has rapidly become a leading diamond and CBN super abrasive products manufacturer and supplier in China. We have become a technological leader in the high precision honing industry with our complete line of honing tools, honing stones, diamond wheels, CBN grinding wheels, dicing blades and other honing accessories. With a complete line of professional honing systems, we are able to supply customers both at home and abroad with the right honing tools for their needs. Not only do our honing tools work with Chinese made machines, but they are also compatible with machines from different companies, including Sunnen, Nagel, Gerhing, Nissin and more. With a number of different types, including vitrified, resin, metal and electroplated bond superabrasive grinding wheels, our staff is focused on providing you with excellent products to best match customer needs with extensive services and technical support.

Main products
    1. Super Abrasive Honing Stone

      Super abrasive stone, also known as a honing stick, described here is specifically designed for Sunnen honing machines. The honing equipment has different series of honing stones that can finish different types of bores with different bore diameters.

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    1. Single Stroke Honing Tools

      Each individual piece of this diamond tool is designed to be matched with corresponding honing machines. According to differences in the bore diameter, customers can choose from our existing models of honing tools, or customize a new honing tool.

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    1. Multi-Stone Honing Tools

      Multi-stick honing tool can be equipped with multi honing stones or honing sticks at once for the honing of through holes and blind-hole bores in a diameter ranging from 25.15mm to 152mm. It can be used for various brands of horizontal honing machines. If you want to purchase this multi-stone ...

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    1. Vitrified Bond Grinding Wheel (Diamond Wheel, CBN Grinding Wheel)

      Vitrified grinding wheel comes in two different varieties: a diamond wheel and a CBN grinding wheel. Due to unique technology, we make the vitrified bond hold original crisp characteristics and hardness, and they come with...

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    1. Metal Bond Grinding Wheels (Diamond Wheel, CBN Grinding Wheel)

      This super abrasive grinding wheel comes with a superior form holding capability, higher strength, and a stronger toughness when compared to general grinding wheels. In addition, according to customer ...

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    1. Back Grinding Wheels

      This particular grinding tool comes in two types: a silicon wafer back grinding wheel and an LED substrate back grinding wheel. Both of them can be used on different grinding machines made in Europe, America, Japan, and China. They also feature a stable performance ...

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    1. Diamond Abrasive Blade

      It is a high-end diamond cutting tool designed using advanced technology and imported equipment. The diamond blade is made using an ultra-thin diamond wheel and a high precision aluminum alloy hub in a one-step molding and electroplating process.

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    1. Chuck Table

      It is mainly used in back grinding and dicing processes. The back grinding chuck tables and dicing chuck tables work well with Japanese, German and Chinese dicing saws and back grinding machines, thus ensuring an excellent cost effectiveness.

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  • Partner Examples
    1. Honing Tool

      Hongtuo has established long term partnerships with numerous domestic and overseas customers, and has provided ...

    1. Grinding Wheel

      The diamond and CBN grinding wheels manufactured by us come in a variety of different types ...